COS 2023 – Bucharest

April 25, 26 and 27, 2023

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COS 2023 – the Bucharest edition is history

Compared to the previous edition; Larger number of delegates, more sponsors and a broader line-up of speakers. The event is growing.
Now looking forward to COS 2024 – the Brussels edition.



24 April 2023

15:00-19:00Registration of delegatesOther Room
17:00-21:00Opening ReceptionOther Room

25 April 2023

08:00-10:00Registration of DelegatesMain Conference Room
08:30-09:30Women in Gaming breakfastOther RoomSponsored by Citizen
10:00-10:15Opening wordsMain Conference RoomAndrei Frimescu
10:15-10:45Land-based Customer journey, seen through the eyes of a Mystery GuestMain Conference RoomLucien Wijsman
10:45-11:30On-line Customer journey seen through the eyes of a Mystery GuestMain Conference RoomArjan Korstjens
11:30-12:00Coffee BreakOther Room
12:00-12:30How Video Technology can benefit various Casino departmentsMain Conference RoomEp Smit
12:30-13:00Scheduling, back to the futureMain Conference RoomNicolas Mignon
13:00-13:30Beyond the Numbers: Exploring Hidden Dimensions of Player Behavior for Casino Success.Main Conference RoomDan Ciobanu
13:30-14:30Lunch BreakOther Room
14:30-15:15Popular Responsible Gaming instruments in online Gambling and their effectivenessMain Conference RoomMichael Auer
15:15-16:00How to change people’s mind on the casino industry to secure our future and develop our attractivenessMain Conference RoomLaurent Lassiaz
16:00-16:30Tea BreakOther Room
16:00-19:00European Casino Association (ECA) Board MeetingOther RoomBy invitation only
16:30-17:00Is the on-line industry taking it’s responsibilities?Main Conference RoomFeite Hofman interviews Maris Catania
17:00-17:30Ten ways cyber criminals breach the security of your organizationMain Conference RoomAlexandru Petrescu
17:30-18:00The status and future of communication protocols for the Land-based gaming Industry.Main Conference RoomMark Pace
19:00-23:30By Touring Car to Game World Mall Vitan for evening programOther Room

26 April 2023

10:00-11:00The impact of Cashback on Actual Loss on the Hold %.Main Conference RoomAnthony Lucas
11:00-11:30It's all about DATA!Main Conference RoomPete Lewis interviewed by Arjan Korstjens
11:30-12:00Coffee BreakOther Room
12:00-12:30Selecting, Training and 'Mind-setting' Electronic Gaming Table Staff; the art of the dealerMain Conference RoomManouck Kwakernaat
12:30-13:30Land-based Casinos in the future; how to stay relevant.Main Conference RoomErwin van Lambaart
13:30-14:30Lunch BreakOther Room
14:30-15:15KEYNOTE PANEL: More women in the board, more money. A panel discussion. Main Conference RoomLorraine Sammut, Jennifer Bowman, Martina Åkerlund and Irina Ruf
15:15-16:00Electronic Gaming Terminals; market overview and future developmentsMain Conference RoomMarco Herrera
16:00-16:30Tea BreakOther Room
16:00-20:00ROMSLOT panel discussionOther RoomBy invitation only
16:30-17:30Ten ways to launder money in a casino!Main Conference RoomAleksandr Kostjukevits
17:00-17:30Skill gaming anno 2023; where do we standMain Conference RoomKeith Winters
17:30-18:00Illegal Gambling: A new way of dealing with the threat from unlicensed operatorsMain Conference RoomIsmail Vali
19:00-11:30Guided City Tour to Restaurant Naive for evening programOther Room

27 April 2023

10:00-10:45KEYNOTE: Innovation sucks, but you need it anyway!Main Conference RoomHelen Walton
10:45-11:30Succession Planning, how about Diversity, Equality and Inclusion?Main Conference RoomKelly Kehn & Tina Thakor-Ranking
11:30-12:00Coffee BreakOther Room
12:00-12:30Responsible Gaming project from Denmark. Prevention of Gambling Addiction amongst teenagers/young adults.Main Conference RoomJesper Jarl Becker
12:30-13:00Responsible Gaming; myth or reality?Main Conference RoomFeite Hofman
13:00-13:30Battle of opinions: where is the M&A world going in our industry? Will landbased push out online or will online buy landbased. Main Conference RoomHarmen Brenninkmeijer. A battle of opinions moderated by Arjan Korstjens
13:30-14:30Lunch BreakOther Room
14:30-15:15De-bunking the myths Land -Based gaming managers hold on On-line operations (and vice versa)Main Conference RoomGeorg Gubo
15:15-16:00The world of E-sports is already bigger than the gaming industryMain Conference RoomVladan Blagojevic
16:00-16:45Some round tables on topics that have passed by on stage and during the network events. Main Conference RoomArjan Korstjens & Lucien Wijsman

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