The next edition of The Casino Operations Summit, an Operators only event for middle, higher and executive management of land-based gaming operations will take place in Bucharest, Romania.

The dates will be in April or May 2023; stay tuned for updates!.

A wide range of topics, relevant to Land Based Gaming Managers who wish to stay updated with relevant trends and innovations.
The program will include: the latest on the fields of Gaming Location design, going green, staff motivation, CCTV innovations and other topics that should be of interest to any manager. In addition more hard-core topics like Efficient Performance Analysis on Electronic and Table Games, trends in electronic gaming based on big data, the continued discussion on RTP, effective staff rostering and other relevant topics.

Missing your favourite topic? Let us know!

The program will be updated on this website.
On this website managers from Land-based gaming operations can register. Early booking discount applies.

What our clients say

Looking at Bucharest for the 2023 Spring edition of the Casino Operations Summit. Stay tuned!

~ Lucien

Meanwhile, if Spring 2023 is too far away and you would like to have some in-house training, please reach out to me!


~ Lucien