Casino Operations Summit

Maulin Gandhi

President Tangam Systems

As President of Tangam Systems, Maulin Gandhi has been pivotal in the company’s transformation into a dominant player in gaming optimization software. Under his leadership, Tangam has developed and launched two innovative product lines: TYM and SODA. Both TYM (Table Games Yield Management) and SODA (Slot Optimization & Data Analytics) are ground-breaking solutions that blend extensive experience in casino operations, software engineering, artificial intelligence, mathematical optimization, and statistics.
These award-winning product lines of Tangam are now utilized by over 120 casinos across 9 countries, earning the trust of some of the most renowned brands in the gaming resort industry.
The success of these products is underscored by multiple accolades and thought leadership in the industry.
Maulin’s drive for innovation is a direct reflection of the ethos at Tangam Systems which is at the forefront of technological advancements in gaming optimization. His engineering background from McGill University in Canada, where he specialized in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, significantly influences his practical approach to business and technology.