Casino Operations Summit

Jason Frost

President of EUROMAT (The European Gaming and Amusement federation)

Jason has been a passionate Bacta member ( The Uk gaming and amusement trade association ) and has been a member of Bacta for more than 20 years, his Father and Grandfather were also Bacta members before him. He was the Chairman of Division 3 ( Representing land based Gambling in the UK ) as well as the Regional Chairman for the West of England. He has held the position of Vice President and National President of Bacta, a role which has been very successful and during his time as President he has raised the public affairs face of Bacta and increased the membership to its highest level of the last 10 years and engaged with the UK government and the gambling regulator representing the UK gaming and amusement industry. He is Currently President of Euromat (The European Gaming and Amusement federation) representing 12 National member countries as well as 7 Corporate members based in Brussels. He is an experienced operator and is involved with lobbying and representing the gaming and amusement sector at an EU level.