Speaker en Consultant about Customer Understanding & Motivation

Jan van der Spoel

In today’s rapidly changing reality it becomes harder and harder to attract, entice and satisfy customers. Yesterdays customers have different needs and wants than the customer of tomorrow. Your business survival depends on how good you can anticipate your relevance in the future.
So how good is your crystal ball?

Jan van der Spoel is an expert speaker about customer understanding and motivation. As a certified concept designer in the world of corporate communications, he designed effective methods that will help you to understand what motivates your future customer, and how to take action.

Understanding your future customer is not solely a privilege of the marketing and sales departments. It should be the core ingredient that fuels your company culture and behavior.

In his speech, Jan will share his knowledge about general human traits and behavior but also teach practical steps on how to get under the skin of your target group and make them love what you do.

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