Consultant, Speaker & Trainer

Arjan Korstjens

Database Marketing – your next level in growing your Slots business

Advertising restrictions are increasing everywhere, making it harder to reach your customers. Did you know you are already sitting on top of all the information you need to grow your business? And that, if you ask your customers politely, you are free to contact them with tailor made offers? Your Casino Management System holds all the information you need, but how to get it out? In this presentation we will fill you in on some of the secrets:
• The success of Database Marketing starts with loyalty card usage. How to create a successful program.
• CMS contains Big Data, but which data do you really need?
• KYC: Know your customer. The data will reveal things your staff would never had picked up.
• How to create micro segments and what to do with them.
• Start and learn. Begin with learning something from best practice cases from your peers

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