Professor on the faculty of UNLV’s William F. Harrah College of Hospitality

Anthony F. Lucas

There is a long-standing debate among industry professionals related to the impact of par on reel slot performance. The following questions reside at the center of this issue: (1) Which pars will optimize short-term revenues?; (2) If pars are increased to optimize short-term revenues, will these increases eventually damage long-term revenues?; and (3) How do we know what we know? The last question is related to the level of scientific rigor associated with the supporting arguments, on both sides of the issue.
The majority of this presentation will cover actual results from performance-potential studies, computer simulations, and experimental field studies. Additionally, I will address some of the more common misunderstandings related to how slot machines produce outcomes. One, in particular, has a profound impact on the tenability of popular counter-arguments.

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